Penis spin paintings by Alan Dedman

Penis spin paintings have become part of my ouevre. Spin painting is a gimmick re-popularised by Damien Hirst – it was around in the 60s (in the form of a children’s toy) and probably made an appearance on ‘Blue Peter’ at some point. I question why Mr. Hirst should have all the fun and why his studio assistant Rachael Howard and he don’t explore the subject more.

penis spin painting in process by alan dedman colour pic thereof
Penis spin painting in process

At first the mechanics and messiness of the process fascinated me; I was amused by automated action painting – and have produced some beautiful abstracts through the medium. However, my academic training made me want to experiment with paint and add imagery. So I have included portraits of existing people, celebrities and public figures and have used Gustav Klimt drawings as a starting point for the spin painting process.

penis spin painting after the spin by alan dedman colour pic thereof
After being spun, penis spin painting

However, sometimes you just want to ‘make a statement’ (a rude and irreverent and one) and then chuck a load of paint at it – to see what happens. The human phallus is represented quickly and easily.

There is even a piece of software which urges participants to ‘not draw a penis’ – then the clever dicks (no pun intended) having captured your graphic capabilities, try to sell them back to you in the form of printed tea towels etc.

Close up of penis spin painting

Knob art can be drawn anywhere and everywhere, by anyone. Saying a casual ‘fuck you’ to all things formal. It is a way of asserting masculinity in a world where men are increasingly blamed and vilified for being who they are. Penis spin paintings also remind us of how ridiculous the human penis is. That pillar of throbbing gristle, which has a mind of it’s own and is intent on only one thing – simply won’t behave itself. Owning such dangly bits is something particular to the male sex. If you aren’t amused by your own tarse, then you jolly well should be!

colourful circular spin paintings at studio dedman
Spin paintings at Studio Dedman

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    Omg… Ffs that poor wood louce!!! Should Art be cruel? Yes I guess art should be everything. However your karma might suffer.! Love it.

  2. Rest assured, Lady Capstick – no woodlice were harmed during the making of this video and painting. I said a wood louse HUSK. Got plenty of wildlife at Atelier Dedman including bats, hornets and rats. I’m not so nice to the latter two, never mind the karma. I mean, do they ever think about their own karma when they sting us? or give us plague?

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