Alan Dedman is motivated by people. Faces and figures are the starting point for his work. The fabulous people are a group of heads and faces Alan Dedman has drawn and painted over recent years. Portraiture, along with the Nude are two Classical disciplines which Dedman excels at.

The fabulous people - example of a large scale portrait by alan dedman
Portrait of Richard

Portrait of Richard is an example of a large scale portrait painting by Alan Dedman. It is approximately one metre square in size, mainly in acrylics on canvas. The support includes a custom made stretcher from Russell & Chappell in London. Based primarily on observation (ie with the sitter present) some of the image is made from photo reference. This means when the painting is re-photo’d, the image is affected by geometric perspective – which isn’t really the way we see it with our eyes (natural or artistic perspective). This portrait is particularly subject to the subtleties of the process, due to it’s large scale.

Fascinated by human form Dedman realises faces are key and creates vivid accounts of the people he meets, using unorthodox as well as traditional means – such as spin painting or thermal drawing. The human head contains the greatest coalescence of the Phi ratio – an ancient formula which can be applied to natural forms and used within Art.

In fact all people are fabulous! but only the ones shown here have made it into the Dedman fabulous category! Many of the above are commissioned pieces. Theresa the Geezer is however for sale! Anyone want to buy her? and her chum George. Right click on any image to see enlarged version.

If you would like to commission Alan Dedman to make a painting of someone you know please leave your details on the contact form below any blog article on the home page. This will not be visible, or made public.