Alan Dedman prefers to work figuratively. He looks closely at the way paint can be formed and uses ‘Automated Action Painting’ (spin painting) to do this. By focusing on one of Damien Hirst’s gimmicks, Alan Dedman has introduced fun and calculated uncertainty to this aspect of his ouevre.

Here you can see a selection of some spin paintings made by Alan Dedman. He often uses a Gothic, circular format and works with immiscible media on board or canvas, as well as conventional rectangular formats. Right click on images above to see a more defined representation.

Most artworks shown are for sale except for: Blue Spin Painting, Excellent Spin Painting. They vary in size, shape and proportion. Click on any image to see a more defined representation. If you would like to make a purchase, or place an order for a spin painting (specifying colours, shape and size) please leave your details on the contact form below any blog article on the home page. Your information will not be visible, or made public. Terms of purchase can be found here.