David Cockney at the 6th ICMI presents a critique of Tracey Emin’s role as ‘Professor of Drawing’ at the Royal Academy Schools and Grayson Perry’s ideal that the World would be a better place if men were feminised.

Mr. Cockney’s peroration will be in the East London vernacular involving ‘strong language’ and expletives (please be aware). He questions exactly how the Eric Kennington Prize for Drawing might be judged (these days).

Alan Dedman is not a men’s rights activist (MRA) however, there are some things which he is well qualified and motivated to comment on.

Regarding Tracey Emin’s current struggle against cancer: the foregoing was put together months before her medical issues were made into news. We all have to die eventually (Dedman’s younger sister died of cancer a few months ago). We wish Ms Emin well; however it is important not to muddle her personal life – with her effect in the public domain of academic arts practice – which is what Luvviedom and the media does.

Pic of alan dedman by the wall next to burlington gardens
Alan Dedman by the wall next to Burlington Arcade

Though some people might hail her appointment as professor of drawing at the Royal Academy Schools a victory for women – it is not a victory for culture as a whole, if the virtues of what went before are put asunder solely for the sake of ideals. Why should classical arts practice and training be devalued because of the nuances of fashion and social accommodation? It is not ‘progress’. Referring to the current trend for woke alternatives to statuary in public places, Ms Emin said anything would be better than ‘stale old men’ – so long as it isn’t a tranche of septic old women eh? Trace Babes.