The New Covid Police State by Alan Dedman

The New Covid Police state – it’s something we all have to get used to, so we are told. The vaccination thing is being used to usher in personal identity cards under the aegis of ‘health passports’ – just exactly how dumb are we to put up with this bullshit? Who is to say what ‘health’ is? Football identity cards were a source of contention in the 80s and 90s, politicians and big business have since stolen what was cheap entertainment from us, making football stadiums ‘all seaters’ – safety you see, it’s for everyone’s safety. Apparently masks are here to stay too. Remember when you could just breeze into a shop or pub, breathing freely – smiling occasionally, and speaking without impediment?

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The Daily Mail sports a headline ‘Britain braces for freedom’ Hurrah! But I thought we were free? I thought that was the reason why my dear old grandfather put up with three years of hell in the First World War – so I could walk the streets of this green and pleasant land unencumbered by thugs, pestilence or the German version of Fascism. The German version is what gets trotted out as the true manifestation of political and social evil while the British version gets quietly swept under the carpet.

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Remember state sponsored Fascism at Orgreave? Wasn’t me officer! During the 1980s, British policing tactics were heavy-handed to say the least. Back then I lived in an HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy) in Central London. Two Dutch chappies in rooms below, liked their Heroin. Consequently all people living at our address were suspected of drug dealing/use. The phone was tapped and for a period of five years, every single package or large envelope I received became ‘trapped in the Post-Office’s machinery’. I’m a patient man, but eventually just had to rebuke staff at the Nine Elms Depot when they used the same old excuse for the umpteenth time. I was escorted to the back of the premises, where I met the manager.

Sticker witnessed in Greater Bristol area this weekend

He apologised profusely, saying it wasn’t the Post-Office’s machinery damaging my mail – it was the police at Brixton, who suspected me of being a drug dealer. Never mind the fact that then, I didn’t do drugs (of any sort) or deal them, the packages sent to me via ‘Royal Mail’ were not only opened – their contents were destroyed, maliciously. Birthday cards would be screwed up in a ball. After-shave would be emptied out of it’s bottle. Chocolate would be crushed. Letters mangled and torn.

Completely unnecessary and utterly pointless. Just exactly how much (or little) intelligence did it take for police personnel to work out that I wasn’t a drug dealer? Don’t kid yourselves, this is not a free country. I never got any sort of apology or compensation from the Metropolitan Police at Brixton – but they left me alone after that. Nice not to be bullied by them for a change.

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Just like having a red letter J stamped on your passport or having to adopt the middle name ‘Sara’ (3rd Reich policy during the 1930s) in the New Covid Police State we might expect people who haven’t been vaccinated or who are Covid positive to have a large red C+ stamped on their passport or simply for them to be denied any sort of passport – in docile acceptance of Mr. Johnson’s windswept and interesting style of ‘democratic Fascism’.

Wearing a mask in public to prevent infectious diseases from spreading may have a palliative effect, but making such restrictions into law, punishable by fines or imprisonment is more than dubious. It’s almost like saying anyone involved in consensual sex must use a condom – to prevent the spread of STDs. The concept of individual choice and personal freedom is being trampled under foot for the sake of some misguided notion of ‘the greater good’.

Sticker in Greater Bristol area this weekend

This Summer, try wearing a haute couture Alan Dedman face mask. It features breathable fabric, the power of speech, full use of facial features for communication and expression, lack of sweaty nostrils, can’t be glued in place with snot and hey, you can even feel the air passing over your lips, smell the coffee, whistle cheerfully or blow raspberries if you feel so inclined! Don’t wait for the Daily Mail or BJ* (Boris Johnson) – set yourselves free! Fuck the New Covid Police State.

(*see Urban Dictionary for a full explanation)

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