Colourful language will soon be proscribed (banned) by the Thought Police. Anything naughty, rude or saucy is definitely off menu these days. Degenerate Art, portraying distasteful subject matter – such as tits, willys and bums, must be thrown on the bonfire – for the good of society! Colourful language with Alan Dedman is a candid take on society’s slide into the ditch of conformity.

Colourful language indeed.

Salford Quays council attempted to impose a swearing ban, but dropped their Neo-Nazi intentions (fortunately). Other councils throughout the UK are behaving similarly. PSPOs or Public Space Protection Orders are the thin end of a very big wedge, intending to bring citizens to heel. Richmond council banned ‘Lewd behaviour’ and Pendle brought in a curfew for under 16s. Never mind eh? It’s all for the greater good. For our safety, you see.

colourful language with alan dedman
Painterly foul language?

How long will it take before artists are forbidden to use colourful language? Colour within an artwork can be aggressive, rude and prurient (as well as lush and sumptuous). In ‘The Human Penis’ I have used a riot of fab colours to speak un-utterable truths about this much maligned organ of regeneration and pleasure.

Spin painting contraption Chez Atelier Dedman

My willy-tastic artwork is great because – a deluge of painterly foul language is launched from it’s circular orbit; more meaningful than any amount of space junk. ‘The Human Penis‘ adorns the circumference of a round canvas which has been put through its paces. Starting as a simple line drawing, this piece of phallocentrism, subjected to the machinations of my spin painting contraption, was assaulted with an extended palette of gay colours. As far as painterly swearing goes, this is the equivalent of  a smoke break in a lumberjack’s truck (expletives punctuated with the odd connective or noun). This is Bob Geldoff on speed and truth serum.

Colourful language with Alan Dedman circular painting the human penis
The Human Penis

A woman once said she likes the Academic Realism I am occasionally responsible for, ‘not all that abstract, painterly nonsense’. The thing is, unless you do this – you won’t be able to do that. Understanding the expressive potential in meaninglessness is half the battle. If some dullards in government or posse of Stepford Wives on Facebook want to neutralise anyone’s use of foul and offensive language then erm ….. fuck ’em.


The trend to limit and destroy self-expression in favour of a tasteful consensus (esp regarding colour) might be likened to the nation’s appetite for Farrow and Ball greys and the achromatic chintz we see everywhere. Pub? Paint it grey – that’ll look nice, won’t it. Fence? Better paint it grey. Knickers? Stick to the grey ones luv, why don’t you. Is there no end to this pusillanimous blandery? Like houses behind the Iron Curtain, or BBC livery – grey becomes the colour of authoritarianism. Colourful language with Alan Dedman shows how, without passing laws against it, colour itself is being ‘tastefully’ squeezed out of existence along with swearing, smoking and soon, no doubt ….. drinking alcohol.

‘The Human Penis’ is in mixed media on canvas, 23.5 inches in diameter, 1.25 inches in depth. It is for sale and can be purchased from this website for £5,500.00 gbp.

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