‘Brown Sugar’ (title of a hit song by the Rolling Stones), is the first record of theirs I bought. Now the media are casting a shadow of doubt over this flagship number by one of the UKs best known rock/pop bands. In defence of ‘Brown Sugar’, the following points should be considered:

The BBC pushed ‘Brown Sugar’ on Top of the Pops, that’s how I knew about it. No internet in those days. Members of our all male yoga group once asked me which Stones hit was my favourite, ‘Brown Sugar’ of course. To this day, I’ve no real idea what the lyrics are about. I always liked it for the energy, the groove – and the guitar work.

photo for in defence of brown sugar by alan dedman
Brown Sugar

The current trend to dissemble and undermine all things masculine – in the name of Wokery and political correctness, is pathetic. The motivation to destroy anything remotely aggressive or rough edged in favour of internet ‘positivism’ and it’s syrup of niceness and pleasantry, is carcinogenic. They call it ‘Cancel Culture’, I call it Cancer Culture. The new idiocracy gives a mandate to the ‘cells of society’, so they turn against themselves, consuming the very organism they are part of. Which is exactly how cancer behaves.

In an article for the Telegraph Online, a journo going by the nomme de plume? ‘Ed Power’ – identifies as a potential carcinogen. He? writes:- ‘ Brown Sugar’s tortured history: why the Rolling Stones are cancelling their own song’ – then goes on to assert ‘the Stones may never play their controversial hit again’. No doubt this journalist had a personal interview with the Stones! The article becomes yet another free radical contributing to a disease, which has little purpose but to decimate our culture, in the name of self-righteous bollocks.

May is a British press bleat word

If we are so desperate to atone for the collective sins of our national past, then leave Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones out of it. Because they have contributed far more to the World than some worm of a journo ever will. If slavery is such a burning issue, please don’t forget – our ancestors were invaded and enslaved by the Romans and later by the Normans. No doubt the Wokes don’t give a toss about that.

In defence of Brown Sugar: if you think you are going to dismantle the Titans of rock and pop, bear in mind – this musical genre is built on rhythms carried to the Americas by the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Which means on the basis of the foregoing, all rock and pop music should be put to the sword! If Mick Jagger wants to crow about the pleasures in being a red-blooded male, then so what? Let him do so – it’s a free country, innit? (well, is it?) As for the assertion: ‘the Stones may never play their controversial hit again’ – even if they don’t, there are a lot of people who will. ‘Brown Sugar’ never seemed ‘controversial’ in it’s day – the pejorative attitude saying as much, is enhanced by our muck raking, misandrist media.