Drawing the nude in Badingham

Drawing the nude in Badingham. On Saturday the 10th of September 2022, life drawing took place at the White House, Badingham, Suffolk. A small group of people attended a day long workshop facilitated by Alan Dedman, Stephen Morris and our model, Klara.

Set within the grounds of the former home of the Zinkeisen sisters (society painters of the 1920s / 30s), the calm and charm of the place surrounds a beautiful, airy, light studio, (from which a play by Robin Brooks was broadcast in recent months). A wooden interior with flagstone floor, piano and Doric arch add further distinction to the setting. A potent log burner guarded against any chill; essentially it was a beautiful September day, in spite of the forecast. Good for Drawing the nude in Badingham.

pic of students drawing the nude in badingham with alan dedman
Our class, Drawing the nude in Badingham

Klara is tall, with striking looks and auburn hair. Klara practices yoga and used this, adding flair to poses ….. creating them, rather than always being told what to do. Klara’s physique, with feminine curves and distinctive hips, plus youthful determination, imparted character to the scene.

This young person will be studying creative writing at the UEA (University of East Anglia) over the next few years. We are happy for Klara to grace our drawing classes in the meantime.

The purpose of the workshop was to focus local interest in the Classical discipline of drawing the nude. Our class consisted of people from all walks of life, mainly residents from the immediate area (Framlingham, Halesworth, Southwold, Woodbridge). Some came to re-connect with the process of life-drawing, others developed existing skills.

students drawing the nude in class run by alan dedman
Drawing the nude in Badingham

Alan Dedman planned and delivered Drawing the nude in Badingham to include long poses, requiring concentration and stamina, plus short, fast poses to help loosen people from their habitual ways of seeing/doing.

Klara Picasso pose

His experience and Art schooling give him gentle command over the activity. He works to enhance confidence and clarity among his charges. Stephen brings his knowledge of bronze casting and sculpture as well as his own take on Classicism at the RAS. Fond of drawing the casts, he relishes structure in the human form.

alan dedman teaching drawing in badingham
Alan Dedman advising a student

A tutor facilitated peer review at the end of the day focused on learning points and individual achievements. It allowed participants to reflect on their work and air opinions. Wine aided relaxation; the conversation was particularly fruitful after a glass or two.

One person who studied at St. Martins during the 1960s related how it was for her back then, linking experiences of fashion drawing to Dedman’s own with Connie Jude. Another related how he’d modelled at the Royal Academy Schools and how (in his opinion) it seemed to have become ‘a bit of a boutique these days’. Ah! Now there’s a thing!

drawing the nude  class in action
Life drawing in Badingham, class in action

People’s drawing styles varied; it was a pleasure to see everyone’s efforts in getting to grips with this simple but difficult activity. Well done to all of you who came along. There will be another life drawing workshop at the White House, Badingham in Suffolk, on Saturday November the 12 th , 2022. If you would like to book a place, please leave your details on the contact form below this blog.   

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  1. Thank you for the information.h.
    I wish to join you on the 12th November.

  2. Dear Nicky,
    we will be pleased to see you in November, if you have any other questions, please leave a note here.
    Best wishes from
    Alan D

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