Life drawing at Badingham

Life drawing at Badingham, will take place on Saturday the 10th of September, 2022. The day will commence at 10 am and finish at 4pm. We offer a structured approach to learning about this Classical discipline, so come along and engage with this most wholesome of visual arts activities!

Life drawing day at Badingham

Alan Dedman studied at the Royal Academy Schools (RAS) during the Greenham era (circa 1960 to 1980) when it was mandatory to work from life (the nude) for the first year of the post-graduate course. Greenham, a former Oxford scholar, studied painting at the Academie Julien in Paris. He enforced Classical procedure at the RAS. Like a whiffling old dragon in his grey flannel suit, Greenham encouraged the likes of Mervyn Peake, Robert Oxtoby, Alan Charlton and David Inshaw amongst others.

Royal Academy of Arts in London Life drawing day at Badingham
Royal Academy of Arts, London

When asked why life drawing is so important, Dedman replied ‘Because it’s the acid test. Sorts the wheat from the chaff. You can soon tell if someone has the ability to make sense of what they are looking at when you ask them to do this simple thing’.

The simple things are often the hardest to achieve. Prior to the RAS, Dedman studied at St. Martins where Trevor Willoughby RP (and others), emphasised clarity and simplicity of line. Alan has kept studios in London and the West Country where he has worked with various models, keeping alive the tradition, adding authenticity to his ouevre.

Alan Dedman runs a life drawing class at the Old Dairy Pub in North London
Life drawing session at The Old Dairy pub, North London

Alan Dedman has taught life drawing in post-compulsory education (PCE) since 1990. He contributed to public life drawing classes in London with Lifedraw@N4 and has run classes in Somerset. His approach is gentle but firm, encouraging honesty and rigour in the process.

pianoforte alan dedman white house life drawing day at Badingham
Klara poses at the piano

Life drawing at Badingham takes place in a large studio with plenty of light. A wood-burner generates warmth in the cooler months; the setting is both eccentric and characterful. The day is carefully planned, so students engage with a variety of learning tasks. Dedman will be joined by a colleague from the Royal Academy Schools. Our model will be Klara, who featured during the last session. Feedback happens in the form of a guided peer review at the conclusion of the day; learners can relax with a glass of wine if they wish to.

Life drawing day at Badingham

If you would like to attend Life Drawing at Badingham, please leave a brief message and contact details below this blog. Your information will not be publicly visible. See privacy policy here

Photo of the Royal Academy of Arts by Julian Wakeling
Drawing of Penny, in charcoal by Alan Dedman
Photos by Alan Dedman

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  1. Are you still running life drawing classes ?
    If you are, do you have spaces ?!

  2. Dear maryanne,
    yes we are running the next class on thye 29th of April and we have spaces. Will be in touch.

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