The Metamorphoses of Covid is an epic blog by British artist Alan Dedman. The Roman poet Ovid, created a classic in which human and godly interactions are illustrated through changes depicting fantasy, horror and gore. The Metamorphoses of Covid looks at similar matters, but through the machinations of the media under the scrutiny of Alan Dedman.

Self portrait spin painting as Winston Alan Dedman

‘Never in the field of human bullshit, were so many lied to so much by so few’. ‘Winston’ Alan Dedman

In the 1980s the World feared a new ‘plague’, AIDS or HIV as it was referred to. Notice how the media greedily require not one, but two terms of reference. Coronavirus and Covid. Scare them twice instead. Make it doubly fearsome and keep it vague.

Effecting the AIDS scare, stark authoritarian ads appeared on billboards at Vauxhall Cross (and everywhere else) telling us we might die if we had a shag. No internet back then, people became uncertain about sexual intercourse. Naturally, the Africans were to blame. It all started with murmurs about ‘Green’s Monkey Disease’, caused by Africans eating Simian flesh. But we didn’t all end up dead. Covid is alleged to have come from dastardly natives elsewhere in the World, eating Chiropteran flesh and ….. Dracula probably sneezed on someone down the Wong Kei.

Alan Dedman Metamorphoses of Covid Heart with Common sense

Covid is allegedly the result of a lab spill in China, in fact the jury’s out as to precisely where it came from. One client of mine claims it originated as a consequence of American bio-defence research during the Obama years. The project was sold to the Chinese, so they say. But who went arse over tit with a test-tube and where, remains undisclosed. In any case, China is a long way from the West. Who can argue or enquire in Chinese? Besides, they’re ‘Communists’! Therefore they must be our enemies!

To keep everyone ‘blinded by science’ we were frequently updated with the latest metamorphosis of the virus. Covid / Coronavirus / Delta / Omicron, the nomenclature sounded genuinely scientific. Using an assortment of Greek alphabet signs, it kept things mathematical and out of reach.

My dad died in 2020; it became necessary for me to travel about the country in spite of the curfew. Curfew is what it really was, but that sounds old-fashioned and sinister. Call it ‘Lockdown’ and the Brits will swallow it hook, line and sinker because they love the glamour of an American import.

My younger sister died of cancer 6 months before my father passed away. She was in a hospice and because of the curfew, none of us could see her during the last days of her life. I was pretty much alone, dealing with all the chaos death brings. My mother has dementia; at the time she was drinking heavily, so the load was great.

Alan Dedman pic of Red heart civil liberties

Covid restrictions meant my elderly mother was isolated when she most needed company. My father was spirited away in an ambulance late at night, so my mother woke-up to find her husband of some sixty years duration, dead and gone. They took him to a Covid ward – but it was later proven he didn’t have the virus. At 96, he was too frail to withstand a common cold which someone carelessly passed on to him.

How was that statistic recorded? In 2020 I tried to ascertain how many people had succumbed to Covid by checking with the ONS, but the numbers were conflated (media bleat word) with deaths resulting from flu, making it impossible for ordinary people to get a fix on reality.

We afforded a simple cremation for my father. Between us, my wife, son and the Reverend Tim Scott – we created an online funeral so friends and family could pay their respects whilst the cremation was taking place. I never imagined I’d be a funeral director for my own father. Zoom and the Metamorphoses of Covid were in the mix. It was a tough duty.

Alan Dedman red heart metamorphosis of covid personal choice

I eschewed the vaccine. Eventually I got Covid like everyone else including my wife, who had all the jabs going but was really unwell with it. In my own experience, Covid was like mild flu and lasted about ten days. I’ve had much worse fevers whilst travelling. So it seems to me the vaccine (or the mythology surrounding  it) was an over-reaction.

You get Covid either way and the vaccine doesn’t prevent it’s spread. The notion that innoculation had a palliative effect over time is also dubious. A colleague contracted Covid during the early stages of the whole saga. Though it was unpleasant for her, she (and others amongst the nine million or so who chose not to accept ‘the science’), is still alive and kicking.

Love heart with body sovereignty on it Alan Dedman Metamorphoses of Covid

The ‘vaccine roll-out’ was driven by fear and implemented through bullying . But the biggest factor was profit. Big Pharma hit it rich, with a gun to everyone’s head. The Morning Star Newspaper pointed out ‘vaccine poverty’ is most obvious in poorer, undeveloped countries. Look at any of the central African states to see how small the vaccine uptake actually was (Zambia 3%, Namibia <1% etc. Source: Reuters). The Morning Star goes on to explain this is because governments and peoples in undeveloped parts of the World had very little in the way of funds to pay for medicine. No profit to be made. Fuck ‘em.

Another reason not to cede vaccine patents to poorer countries (the Morning Star points out) is they might fall into the hands of the BRICS (Brazil, India, Russia, China, South Africa) nations, giving them future competitive potential. It could be said the patchy nature of ‘the vaccine roll-out’ is due to plain old jealousy and greed; what some are referring to as ‘vaccine nationalism’. In 2021, Pfizer reported $81 billion USD profit and was set to excel that in 2022. Well at least someone was making hay whilst the sun shined!

‘Project Fear’ as the UK press are now calling it, seemed to be prepped (in media terms) with all the clamour and imagery coming from Salisbury and the Novichok incident.

Alan Dedman red heart metamorphosis of covid natural immunity

Millions of people were persuaded? or duped? into accepting an unknown and not always safe medical intervention to prevent themselves from ‘dying horrible deaths’. The folly is, we’re all going to die anyway. Death is the only certain thing in life. People fear death because it rarely appears at the appointed time. That’s why death is chaotic. Fanning the flames of fear with a well organised and ‘on-side’ media made the whole enterprise more effective. 

On the third of March, 2023, the Sunday Telegraph bore headlines ‘Hancock’s plan to frighten the pants off the public’. Based on leaked WhatsApp messages the paper quoted Boris Johnson as having said: ‘If you are over 65 your risk of dying from Covid is probably as big as your risk of falling down stairs and we don’t stop older people from using stairs. What do you think?’ (sent on the ninth of August, 2020). There are numerous such examples of cynicism and disdain spawned by the Westminster elite, who clearly took an attitude of ‘Covid Schmovid’ towards the millions cowed into conformity by fear.

The manipulation of perception and opinion by an equally cynical media is unforgiveable. The self-important glitterati in Tinsel Town loved the power Covid afforded them. We had Blair telling vaccine ‘refuseniks’ they are idiots. That’s rich coming from the branleur who, in his eagerness to press the war button, told the World Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Whilst in Turkey, I met a Cambridge educated mathematician who had the peculiar fortune to be part of Saddam Hussein’s ‘human shield’. I asked him about WMD, he replied ‘we were held in a disused toilet factory’. You are the idiot Mr. Blair if you think people will take you seriously after that.

Alan Dedman red heart community

Then there was ‘Auntie’, the dear old BBC. Janet Daley claims: ‘The BBC conspired in the campaign of fear that kept Britain locked up’. She likens the Beeb’s reprehensible stance as similar to the Soviet ‘organ of truth’ Pravda. Ms Daley concludes her article saying ‘What on earth was everybody thinking?’ Nothing at all Janet. That’s the problem.

In a radio announcement the BBC said they wouldn’t air opinions of ‘Covid denyers’, even if they weren’t denying it, but were sceptics. Bullying and arrogant, the Corporation also played down the volume of anti-Covid restriction protesters at rallies in London. How do I know? Because I’ve spoken to people who attended the protests. You can rely on the BBC to press-gang a licence fee in return for it’s own version of ‘the truth’. A bit like them taking you shopping, filling your trolley with what they want you to want, getting you to pay for it, then forcing you to eat it.

Alan Dedman Haute Couture Mask
Alan Dedman Haute Couture Mask for shopping

During the Metamorphoses of Covid, public perception about the NHS was manipulated in an odious manner. The whole population banged utensils by the roadside in support of health workers – while a Tory government continued dismantling the NHS before people’s very eyes as they were looking in another direction. The way we were persuaded not to inveigh upon the NHS as a means of supporting it was dubious. That allowed managers to further reduce services, justified with self-inflicted stats by the mugged over public. I asked a nurse who was working on a Covid ward in a major city what things were like: ‘Pretty quiet’ she said. 

It is sad people lost loved ones to the Metamorphoses of Covid. Three members of my own family died during the Covid years. In 2020 the population of the UK was about 67.22 million. ONS stats show 72,178 people succumbed to the illness in that year, 0.01% of the total population. 60,000 of them were aged 70 + years, 42,926 were above the age of 80 years, 59.5% of deaths attributed to Covid in 2020 or death certificates mentioning it were at the top end of the age spectrum.

There was collateral damage, with common sense, healthy sceptisism, mutual trust, social cohesion, body sovereignty and a host of similar virtues falling victim to ‘the Worldwide pandemic’.  Covid divided society, just like Brexit has; between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Divide and conquer – thus the politicians keep the demos to heel. The vaccine injured are another story (see link at the end of this blog).

Banged up in a care home, my mother nearly died. ‘She had no choice’. An ambulance was called late one evening after her blood pressure rocketed to 200 bpm plus. She was vomiting continuously. My mother said this happened soon after she accepted her third booster. I think she stood less risk of dying if she had Covid. Aged 90, was it really necessary to inflict this on her? as she survived the Metamorphoses of Covid on two previous occasions. Big Pharma still needs it’s profits, even if it paralyses people in the process.

Governing elites round the World used the Metamorphoses of Covid to control populations. Civil liberties have been threatened, bent about and eroded in the name of public safety. That’s the rationale Robespierre and his chums used to execute anyone who stood in their way, the committee for public safety.

‘Health passports’ are still on the cards apparently. If they become mandatory, the Gestapo will visit when you get a sore throat. Elon Musk will rub his hands with glee at the prospect of making billions in return for Worldwide brain implants to ensure people are safely tucked up in bed by 21.00 hrs. That’s what surrendering body sovereignty could amount to.

There were many side hustles going on behind the scenes. Cash stopped circulating, giving the banks chance to count it. The thin end of the wedge of a cashless society was introduced and people were (it seemed) happy to allow their movements to be tracked. Home working was slowly introduced and enforced. Everyone thinking it was wonderful to start with, but the aftermath reveals the stress and grubby mundanity of work in our living rooms and bed rooms isn’t such a bright idea. But it saved businesses a fortune in space rental. Fuel prices dropped through the floor however, the benefit wasn’t passed on to consumers. When will the public wake-up and realise energy prices have tripled ‘because of the war in Ukraine’ but companies like Shell, Aromco and British Gas have still managed to post record profits? Just like Astra-Zeneca, Modena and Pfizer have done as a consequence of Covid? At whose expense?

I was once in conversation with an eminent Jewish professor of medicine. We were talking about fascism. Ben Greenstein raised his finger portentously and said: ‘Mark you. Everything those Nazis wanted will come about, except by corporate means’.

Writing for Private Eye in a balanced and well penned article, Dr. Phil Hammond educed the Metamorphoses of Covid wasn’t as worrying as ‘Ebo-measles’ might be. Then we will have reason to be frightened, he says. Never mind eh? We can rely on ‘the science’ and Big Pharma to take care of it and themselves. Safe mate, safe.

For further information about the vaccine injured and the way the UK government manipulated statistics pertaining to Covid 19 try watching: