Catalogue – Alan Dedman, offers 64 pieces in the exhibition titled ‘Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery’. This post contains information about artworks currently on show at a virtual exhibition, set within a SketchUp construction, similar to the Hayward Gallery in London. Artworks appear ‘larger than life’ in some instances.

Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery
SketchUp view of the Wayward Gallery
Coulour pic of the Wayward Gallery
Interior of the Wayward Gallery
Catalogue - Alan Dedman jpeg of list of artworks

Catalogue Alan Dedman includes a wide variety of original artworks for ‘Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery’ Prices range from £100.00 gbp to
£15, 000.00. Artworks may be purchased using the PayPal QR code. Alternatively, you can make direct payment via BACS. Use the contact form below this blog post to do so. Your details will not be publicly visible. See privacy policy


Original artworks may be purchased for prices indicated in £ gbp. Artworks will be released upon payment with a receipt indicating terms of sale. Prices shown are for artworks only, charges are necessary for packing and shipping – unless collected by the purchaser. Large scale paintings are on rolled canvas, stretchers cost around £200.00. Canvases can be stretched prior to shipping or in situ, depending on location.

Catalogue - Alan Dedman pic of Sketch-up construction of Wayward Gallery
Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery

This exhibition is about the human figure, essentially the face and head. It demonstrates the great range of enquiry Alan Dedman has brought to his own Art practise. Dedman works in a variety of mediums, including corrugated iron, dessicated toads, molasses and dining forks – as well as the usual oil paint, acrylics, pencil and charcoal.

Catalogue - Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery interior shot
Wayward Gallery in SketchUp

There is a textural richness in the work of British artists, compared to their counterparts in other countries. Although Dedman admires the output of Max Beckman. Georg Baselitz, Anselm Kiefer et al he recognises the earthy pragmatism of his own culture; it’s shambling readiness to flex in the face of change. No amount of Teutonic ‘logic’ compares with this.

Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery interior shot
Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery

If you would like to arrange a viewing by appointment, please leave your details on the contact form below this blog post.