Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery is a potent assertion of ‘non-London‘, beyond the walls of metropolitan chic, political correctness and fashion. It is a piece of creative fun, in which a relatively unknown British artist has the cheek to hang his work in one of the World’s significant galleries! A floor plan is used as a starting point, to create a 3D model of a gallery interior (which closely resembles the Hayward Gallery) using Sketchup.

A YouTube video furnishes us with a twenty minute walk through the show before it opens, as Dedman converses with a friend from North London (Walthamstow, actually).

Hole In The Wall, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SQ - pub details #
Saturday morning

They met on a Saturday morning at ‘The Hole in the Wall’ to sample the excellent range of ales there, before commencing their skit around the Wayward Gallery. Mike, a veteran of Amsterdam high life, gives gentle correspondence to Dedman’s self effacing narrative, opening fresh insights into the cultural oddity which is Alan Dedman and his work.

You can view a brief version of the conversation or the full 20 minute YouTube video: WARNING: these videos contain scenes of nudity and occasional use of expletives.

Trailer for Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery

Receiving a Classical training at the World’s most renowned Art schools, Dedman studied, worked and lived in Central London during the early part of his life. South London is his base, he has family in Camberwell and a long involvement with Fentiman Road, SW8.

Full 20 minutes ‘Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery’

He kept studios in Brixton, Hackney and Vauxhall and worked as an illustrator in and around the City centre. During the mid 90s he travelled in the Antipodes and Asia, returning to London – then moved to the West Country where he continues to work as an artist, adding to his ‘varied and schizoid ouevre’.

Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery interior view
Graphite drawing, Boot collage and ‘An even bigger splash’ spin painting

His work is based on the timeless procedure of drawing from observation (now almost lost to the fads of post-Modernism). He never makes the same artwork twice; always experiments with method, techniques and media – a principal which he applies to his culinary skills. Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery shows drawings from life, portrait paintings made from observation, nudes, spin paintings (inspired by Damien Hirst’s gimmick) into which Dedman incorporates figurative subject matter.

colour pic of redchurch street alan dedman
Exterior of studio1.1 on Redchurch Street.

Metal assemblages, pornscapes (work elicited from a pornographic starting point) and a powerful demonstration of drawing in many shapes and forms – including thermal drawings, graphite rants and conventional charcoal and pencil work. His use of colour derives from his own persistent application of theory into practice. At the Royal Academy Schools he consulted Chevreul’s original documents. Dedman focuses on bringing colour to the mentality of drawing. His work is eccentric, eclectic and expresionistic. In Recent years he has shown his Art at Studio 1.1 Gallery in East London and has created ‘Pop-up’ Galleries in empty shops in Somerset.

colour pic of Gallery Dedman in Nailsea
Gallery Dedman, Nailsea

Alan Dedman at the Wayward Gallery is a virtual exhibition, showcasing the work of an outsider British artist. A precocious display of fresh, off-beat and unconventional talent, Alan Dedman is seeking further sponsorship for a show in London and/or a gallery to show his Art.

If you like what you see here and wish to a) contribute sponsorship b) purchase work, c) offer gallery space or d) all of the foregoing – please leave your details on the contact form below this blog. You can make direct donations through PayPal here:-

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You can order Giclee prints of any of the work seen here, at a size and cost to suit your requirements. A catalogue of works can be viewed here.

Photo of the Hole in the Wall from

3D modelling in Sketchup by Max

Conversation with Mike, from Walthamstow

Camera work and technicals by Chris D

AV aids – thanks to Richard G

Photos by Ganzer

Special thanks to Alex and Vicky