This Year’s Model ’24 Part II opened at studio1.1 gallery on Thursday April the 4th. Curated by Michael Keenan and Keran James, Part II showcases work by an eclectic mix of artists associated with studio1.1 through the gallery’s membership scheme.

Set within London’s upbeat, fashionable region of Shoreditch, this independent NFP venue creates openings for less obvious practitioners, gathering together disparate strands of creativity within and beyond the capital.

That is the success of Michael and Keran’s social enterprise. They make space for the small people, including established artists.  

Michael & Keran This Year's Model '24 part II Alan Dedman
Keran and Michael

Work displayed incorporates abstract and figurative pieces along with 3D assemblages. As usual, the content seems laced with humour plus seriousness of intent. Laid out sympathetically within the space, executed rapidly by Keran (the show was up and open in about 24 hrs), you can browse through modest and pure (in a painterly sense) works as well as some ‘trad’, clear-cut pictorial statements.

City of London at night Shoreditch Alan Dedman
Towards Bishopsgate and the City

Artists showing at This Year’s Model ’24 part II’ diversely motivated, create in equally diverse ways. Michael and Keran are the link between them, seeing (as they do) a treasure-trove of possibilities in this most human aspect of the humanities.

People at the opening studio1.1
Opening night at studio1.1

From the literal ”Comms Operators – Telephone Girls’ by David Sullivan and ‘Me and My M60‘ by Alan Dedman, to the out-of-focus, haziness of Daniella Norton’s suite of paintings: ‘Woodland Dancing Goddess’, ‘Reverie, a Tree Root Goddess, Goddess of Legs

Daniella Norton This Year's Model '24 part II
Daniella Norton

and Dominic Blower’s ‘Writer’s Block’ (boldly formulated in acrylic paint on wood panel) you can navigate your way down the steps to see Kate Jacobs’ expositions in mixed media including biro, jostling alongside ‘Bums and mad dogs‘ (in fertilizer paste on galvanised steel), also by Dedman. Deepa Chudusama’s colourful work interspersed around them.

Painting of bums and mad dogs on steel by alan dedman
Bums and mad dogs

Visceral paintings by Jennifer Nieuwland, such as ‘Rupture’ and ‘Burnt tongue’ echoing Surrealist themes (which seem to underpin the show), are posited next to the discrete ‘Madonna’ by Henry Miller. Less discreet is ‘Where’s Willy?‘ a visual puzzle by Alan Dedman, made animate at the opening as he wore a tailored shirt bearing a repeat print of his artwork (a large painting, 4x8ft) in acrylic and charcoal on canvas.

This Year's Model '24 part II Alan Dedman wearing 'Where's Willy?' shirt.
Alan Dedman in his ‘Where’s Willy?’ shirt

Back up the steps, ‘Kaiser Kaffe’, makes clever use of an Action Man head fused with a Bialetti coffee maker. Domingo Arjonilla pokes fun at the national pass-time of drinking coffee and resultant Raj of caffeine-o-centric behaviour.

Kaiser Kaffe assemblage studio1.1
Kaiser Kaffe

His ‘Bird & Blossom’, collage on paper, celebrates sensuality. The landscape finds  place in the works of Christopher Tree and Stephen Harwood. ‘The Lawless’ (by Tree) presents an idyll with airs of Lucas Cranach and Richard Oelze about it.

Harwood’s Canning Town studies highlight the melancholy of London’s less salubrious, industrial corners – though there is a schism between expressive brushwork in the skies and the tightly controlled realism with which he depicts terra firma.

Canning Town studies Stephen Harwood This Year's Model '24 part II
Canning Town studies by Stephen Harwood

‘This Year’s Model ’24 part II’ is a visual cornucopia, presented with care: take time to call at studio1.1 gallery, 57a Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7DJ.

Open from 12-5pm, Thursday through to Sunday or by appointment. The show runs until the 28th of April, followed by Part III. Most works are for sale. Check the inventory or ask Michael and Keran if you would like to make a purchase.

Works by Alan Dedman at This Year’s Model ’24, part II:

Me & my M60, giclee print on canvas (apprx A2 size), £500

Alan Dedman with an M60 machine gun weapon of choice picture

Where’s Willy? giclee print on canvas (apprx A1 size), £750

Where's Willy ? colourful painting of penises by alan dedman

Bums and mad dogs (apprx A2 size), fertilizer paste, acrylic and pencil on galvanised steel, £2,500

Painting of bums and mad dogs on steel by alan dedman

The original Where’s Willy? painting (apprx 4 x 8ft), in charcoal and acrylic on canvas, £15,000.

Original Where's Willy painting by alan dedman

Where’s Willy? shirts can be purchased POA.
All copyright is in that of the artist.

If you wish to own any Alan Dedman artworks listed, please leave your details below this blog where it says: ‘leave a reply‘ or ask at studio1.1

Special thanks to: Mark Baker of GYCAD for his tailoring skills.

Photo of Alan Dedman at show by Julian Wakeling.

Thanks also to: Michael and Keran, Julian, Stephen, Anthony, Gary and Chris, Alex and Vicky and everyone who has contributed to the show.