pic of north london studio dedman

Studio Dedman by Alan Dedman

Studio Dedman. It goes on, in spite of everything. Studio – dubious term really. Pertaining to small property for first time buyers and middle class pretensions about ‘creativity’….

art jam in milngavie alan dedman africa africans

African & White by Alan Dedman

African & White: a song by China Crisis from the 80s. Apt title for this current blog. Growing up in rural East Anglia (as I did) we had…

Kanaga-Dogon dancers relatives Mali rites masks

African Art in Glasgow by Alan Dedman

African Art in Glasgow is happening! At Hidden Lane Gallery there will be a show of contemporary African Art, opening on Friday the 10th of January, 2020 running…

pic of Carlisle street where the Dolls House was soho

The Doll’s House by Alan Dedman

Whilst a student at St. Martin’s I had to earn money for living expenses. The first job I got was working at ‘The Doll’s House’, a strip-joint in…

alan dedman roderic barrett royal academy schools

Academy Fools: the Fortnum & Mason Fart

At the time when this event occurred, we had no idea of it’s Art-historical significance. With natural flair, Dedman put the F into Art and changed the character…

painting of rifleman by alan dedman for death of lily the werewolf

Lily the Werewolf by Alan Dedman

Lily the Werewolf is the field name of an SS guerilla fighter, whose real moniker was Richard Jarozyk. He was executed in Kitzingen, Bavaria, by an American firing…

colourful portrait painting of Mike by Alan Dedman National Portrait Award

National Portrait Award ? No thanks. by Alan Dedman

Like so many artists, I once aspired to win the National Portrait Award – the BP National Portrait Award. After several years of putting work in for the…

Death of a nation sticker on street lamp post in London

Porn to be Wild by Alan Dedman

Porn to be Wild is a play on lyrics from the rock refrain by Steppenwolf. The film Easy Rider, ends with the actor, Peter Fonda and his cohort…

colour painting by alan dedman emulsion acrylic on board

Alan Dedman on painting and Art

Trying to write about painting is like trying to paint about writing – perplexing. Painting is not just about representing visual phenomena. Painting is a way of interacting…

yoga for blokes at stanton drew solstice celebrations

Summer Solstice yoga by Alan Dedman

Summer Solstice yoga: on June the 21st 2019 members of Yoga for Blokes attended celebrations at Stanton Drew stone circles in Somerset. Unlike the previous year, it was…