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Nigerian student taught by alan dedman

Nigeria comes to Somerset: Alan Dedman Art Education

Josephine attended the London Art College (LAC); she studied painting and drawing on the general diploma course, where she was tutored by Alan Dedman. At the time she…

Flyer for a musical production of the witches of eastwick scene painting by alan dedman

Scenic paintings by Alan Dedman for The Witches of Eastwick

BAPA (Bristol Academy of Performing Arts) asked me to present ideas for scenic paintings, for use in a musical production of  ‘The Witches of Eastwick’. I made visuals…

pic of stone circle at stanton drew

Yoga and ancient places by Alan Dedman

Jill is interested in ancient sites; she once got me to visit Avebury to look at the stone circle there. On a bleak day this place didn’t seem…