In previous decades, you could buy colourful packets of sweets (Lovehearts) with cheerful messages on each sweet – set within a heart format. Allegedly, the company which used to make these is not doing so well. Maybe because the product deteriorated. ‘Love Hearts’ became colourless and bland with drug like emoji’s set on them. Alan Dedman has used a love heart format for spin paintings, producing some lively results.

Most artworks shown here are for sale. They are all the same dimension, made from a template. Some have been set on a more substantial base. The paintings are created as spin paintings in mixed media on board. Right click on any image to see a more defined representation. If you would like to make a purchase, please leave your details on the contact form below any blog article on the home page. Your information will not be visible, or made public. Terms of purchase can be found here.