Alan Dedman likes to draw and paint from the nude (from life), even if it is no longer fashionable to do so. Dedman received a Classical training at the Royal Academy Schools during the time when it was mandatory for students to work from life for the duration of the first academic year.

This took place during the time when Peter Greenham was Keeper of the Schools. Greenham insisted on all students following this mandate. As a result there was at least a School – where for a brief period, attendees could witness one anothers approach to the same formal problem. Anachronistic, bourgeois, – possibly. But at least students had parameters to work within and often they produced some powerful results.

Alan Dedman’s approach to the Nude

Alan Dedman likes to work from the human form – be it the Nude or  portraiture. Dedman has faith in witnessing subject matter; dealing with the social aspect of Art practice. Models and sitters are essential to the making of Art. Alan Dedman believes Art should celebrate the sensual joy of existence and he works to this end, often using highly experimental techniques.