At studio1.1 Alan Dedman showed an eclectic mix of imagery, created over the recent years at his studio in Somerset. Linking traditional, figurative painting with ‘automated action painting’ (spin painting) into which human form has been introduced. Here you can see a catalogue of some of the artworks shown. These are available for purchase. Prices are listed alongside abbreviated titles.

Colour abounds in these inventive artworks giving us a fresh view on being. A figure or a face is cast into the tumult of spin-painting; making a stimulating, original and at times, comical display.

The handiwork of an artist who learned how to paint in the Classical, tonalist way espoused by the Royal Academy Schools ’til the 1990s. Pushing the boundaries of his practise, Dedman has linked drawing to ‘automated action painting’ – removing certainty, challenging Damien Hirst’s limited exploration of the medium.

Most artworks shown at studio1.1 are still available for purchase. See catalogue above for prices. If you wish to purchase any of these, you can use the secure PayPal button immediately below. Or, if you want to commission Alan Dedman to create an artwork, please leave your details on this blog, via the contact form under the social media buttons. Your details will not be publicly visible.

Terms and conditions of sale can be found here on this site.

Artworks at studio1.1