About Alan Dedman

Alan Dedman is a British born artist. He comes from East Anglia and studied at Great Yarmouth College of Art & Design, going on to
St. Martins and then the Royal Academy Schools in London. This blog is a platform for his work and his thoughts about art and life.

Alan Dedman at the Royal Academy Schools

Alan Dedman

He keeps a studio where he maintains a practice combining the formal and experimental. He has developed and constructed contraptions for spin-painting and combines this with Classical procedures. Alan has introduced working from life, into spin painting.

His work is based on learning he encountered whilst a student at the Royal Academy Schools, where drawing the nude was mandatory for the first year of studies. His tutors included Norman Blamey RA, Peter Greenham RA and Olwyn Bowey RA plus others. Alan maintains links with Nick Ward who taught him drawing at Great Yarmouth.

Educational work

Alan Dedman took a PGCE from Bath Spa University in 2006 and teaches privately as well as for the London Art College, a distance learning college established in the 1930s. He has taught extensively in adult education and has worked in the prison service. He particularly enjoys the work he does in the private sector. Alan has given lectures in aesthetics to post-graduate students and has lectured at the National Gallery, London.

Alan Dedman in the life-room at the Royal Academy Schools


  1. Saima Jalil

    Dear Sir,
    Hope you are fine. I would like to request for your email address in order to communicate about my upcoming events of arts and delay in next submission.
    Please reply.
    God bless.

  2. Hello Saima,
    please go through messages in LAC admin for this. Best wishes

  3. Robin Smith

    Hi Alan
    I’m delighted to discover that anyone who attended GYCAD still has any involvement in Art and or Design. Delighted to see a photo of a young Colin Giles, and have recently been looking for any surviving evidence of George Bass’ life and work. My email is below if you fancy a word

  4. Simon Bond

    Hi Alan, enjoyed your website, found it after doing an image search for Nick Ward after going to see his exhibition in Holt a couple of weeks ago. Brought tears to my eyes, his work is exquisite. Enjoyed your memories of GYCA&D. I was there as a student 1980-82, and basically hung around the place for the social life for the next 2 years after.

    I have a photo taken from the steps of the college of me and friends, also a few tutors including Nick.

    If you would like to see it, please contact me via email and I can send it on.

    Best wishes,

    Simon Bond

  5. Rollin Rollin Rollin Keep those Dawgies Rollin….. Rawhide !

  6. More bread. More bread Mrs. Minton!


    So where’s Phil Kett these days? Where is anyone in fact?

  8. He’s in Brighton, last I heard of him. A bit more metropolitan than Yarmouth!

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