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solstice stag of the west suryana maskar alan dedman

Solstice Suryana Maskar by Alan Dedman

I took a posse of yoga enthusiasts to Stanton Drew stone circle this morning to greet the sunrise at the Summer Solstice on International Yoga Day. We practiced…

alan dedman pic of in head stand

The Head-stand lecture at Gallery Dedman, Nailsea

Gallery Dedman in Nailsea hosted the World’s first ‘Head-stand lecture’ during which British artist Alan Dedman presented a stream of consciousness narration whilst performing the Hatha Yoga asana,…

colour pic of alan dedman doing sirsasana yoga for blokes

Sirsasana at Stanton Drew

The 21st of June is Midsummer in the UK and this year it was also designated as Father’s Day. The solstice occurs and Narendra Modi (India’s current Prime…