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pic of spin painting featuring adele bloch bauer by alan dedman

Spin painting with Klimt, Dedman, Hirst and Bloch-Bauer

Damien Hirst’s art often relies on a gimmick or two; his spin painting for example –  a fad introduced by the children’s TV series ‘Blue Peter’, re-presented as…

colourful painting by alan dedman

Colour, emotion and the act of painting by Alan Dedman

Some people say that sex is ‘visceral’. Colour and paint can be visceral too. Colour is raw emotion, it is evidence of the life force. Absence of colour…

drawing of lapith & centaur by alan dedman

Lapith and Centaur drawing by Alan Dedman

I made this drawing at the British Museum in 1991. Part of a series, it represents the struggle between civilized Apollonian creative urges and the wild Dionysian aspect…