Life drawing (or working from the nude) is a feature of Art training. At the Royal Academy Schools it was compulsory to work from the nude for one whole academic year. This can impart a Classical grounding to students. However, one of the many things they don’t teach you at Art school is ….. how to focus on and develop the theme afterwards.

Being able to cope with working from life individually – as opposed to doing so from within a group, is an entirely separate matter, bringing about a different interplay of forces between artist and model. In spite of the ballyhoo about how arcane this is, Alan Dedman has succeeded in making some forthright and powerful studies from the female nude. Paintings which confront us with a gamut of imagery concerned with beauty, social realism and sensuality. As one model rightly observed: ‘Slightly mucky and very Un-British‘.

Apart from conventional studies in oils and/or acrylics, above you can see spin paintings with nudes worked into them . Thermal drawings made from life and work in progress.

Most artworks shown are for sale. They vary in size, shape and proportion and are done in oil, over acrylic on canvas or canvas board. Click on any image to see a more defined representation. If you would like to make a purchase, please leave your details on the contact form below any blog article on the home page. Your information will not be visible, or made public. Terms of purchase can be found here.