Pic of Dennis Hopper & Peter Fonda Porn to be Wild

Porn to be Wild is a play on lyrics from the rock refrain by Steppenwolf. The film Easy Rider, ends with the actor, Peter Fonda and his cohort (Dennis Hopper) being killed by some Red-necks in the deep South of the USA.

The tragic ending depicts how conservative forces in America resist anything new or foreign. Red-neck intolerance to Freaks is one thing, internet ‘morality’ is another. The paragons of virtue who are against internet freedom (like the goody-two-shoes UK government and others), are hell bent on filling the void with pure virtue. Failing to recognise if all were light, we would be just as blind as if all were darkness.

These people probably don’t masturbate, copulate or drink. Germ free adolescents. In their anti-septic bubbles of spreadsheets, cyber-crap and smoothies; these monotonous fuck-wits are slowly depleting the life-force. Policing themselves and anyone else out of existence for fear of being ‘offensive’.

Death of a nation sticker on street lamp post in London Porn to be Wild Alan Dedman
‘Death of a nation – political correctness’

I was once conversing with an eminent professor of medicine on the topic of Fascism. Raising his index finger, Ben Greenstein said: ‘Mark you, everything those Nazis wanted will take place – except by corporate means’ (here it becomes necessary to use a UK press bleat word ) – a chilling prophesy.

In his poem ‘The Hollow Men’, TS Eliot prognosticates the World will end, ‘not with a bang, but a whimper’. Kaye Wellings recently published results of research into the sexual behaviour of the UK populace. Apparently intercourse is in decline. Going out of fashion. Or is it that people are being homogenised out of natural behaviours by the media, social media and the need for us to present overly virtuous internet profiles? When the banging stops, at what point does the whimpering take over?

pic of sign from concentration camp Porn to be Wild Alan Dedman
Arbeit Macht Frei (Work makes you free) wrought iron sign
allegedly from a Nazi concentration camp

The hard Left assert international elites want a homogenous, mobile workforce, without barriers. Asexual drones. The erosion of ‘conventional sexuality’, the blurring of boundaries with respect to gender can be seen as part of this. Much easier and less costly if a company has to build only one set of lavatories, less maintenance too. Then there’s the concomitant marketing fiesta. Not sure if you need hob-nail boots or heels? Better purchase both. Spend twice as much!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to explore the imagery of arousal – even from a heterosexual male viewpoint though it won’t be long before the thought police and sex gestapo prevent us from doing this. Until then, let’s hope at least some of us are Porn to be Wild.

Last year I attended a group meeting and ‘crit’ at a small, not-for-profit gallery in East London. I presented three pieces of work. A portrait drawing from observation, a heart shaped spin-painting and an un-finished pastiche of a tiny (original about the size of a postage stamp) pornographic playing-card, probably from the 1970s. These cards fell from the loft above my studio when I moved in. I decided to make paintings from them, along with copies of Klimt erotic drawings – part of an ongoing enquiry into my own sexuality, and early experiences, something which (as an artist) I have the right to do – one would think so anyway.

Charcoal drawing by alan dedman copy of Klimt erotic drawing Porn to be Wild Alan Dedman
Charcoal study of Klimt drawing by Alan Dedman

Though I could be forgiven for thinking the contrary. They said it nicely, politely, with sensitivity (the women present) – that it was ‘a bit tricky for a man to do such a thing these days’ – but perfectly alright for a woman to do so, citing some female artist who focuses on porn. I took offence at this, though not in the moment. We are supposed to be playing on a level field, or so Teflon bureaucrats would have us think. But if moral censorship is delivered from only one point of view, how is this so?

Porn can be virtuous. It doesn’t have to be deemed ‘wrong’ or immoral, though some of it can be. The crux of transactional analysis here is: – heterosexual male preoccupations with porn and/or erotica are somehow deemed immoral or non-virtuous, whereas female ones are not. Theirs is an ‘intellectually pure’ and ‘superior’ preoccupation with the topic. It seems only men get off on porn, something to be sneered at with aseptic moral rectitude.

A good friend recently coined a term for an emergent social phenomenon – ‘Heterophobes’. People who don’t sanction or are prejudiced against heterosexuality. This includes any heterosexual male volitions towards females and the visual manifestation and expression thereof. Perhaps we might not always need Porn to be Wild – but like smoking and drinking, who is to say we can’t do it?

Easy Rider film still from Art Prints USA
Photo of ‘Death of a Nation’ by Shez
‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ courtesy Grauniad