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pic of north london studio dedman

Studio Dedman by Alan Dedman

Studio Dedman. It goes on, in spite of everything. Studio – dubious term really. Pertaining to small property for first time buyers and middle class pretensions about ‘creativity’….

Death of a nation sticker on street lamp post in London

Porn to be Wild by Alan Dedman

Porn to be Wild is a play on lyrics from the rock refrain by Steppenwolf. The film Easy Rider, ends with the actor, Peter Fonda and his cohort…

colour painting by alan dedman emulsion acrylic on board

Alan Dedman on painting and Art

Trying to write about painting is like trying to paint about writing – perplexing. Painting is not just about representing visual phenomena. Painting is a way of interacting…

red van arse the fall alan dedman

The Fall – an appreciation by Alan Dedman

Apparently David Hockney likes to listen to opera whilst he is at work. Inspired by this, I went to our local library and took out ‘Opera 2008’. Gave…

thank you photo somerset alan dedman

Thank you from Alan Dedman

Thank you – to everyone who helped me take a little show of Art from the Somerset shires up to London in 2017. Ambitious, not easy and particularly…

the royal academy schools by alan dedman drawing of woman called beryl

The Royal Academy Schools by Alan Dedman

Once upon a time, in the scullery at the Royal Academy Shools a young woman, sporting a head dress reminiscent of Hilda Ogden – said to me ‘…

bw drawing by alan dedman prison education

Alan Dedman has a candid look at Grayson Perry

Alison who I knew at St. Martins School of Art, praised ‘The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!’ by Grayson Perry when it was in London, saying ‘ it…

Gravure header from the girl's own paper

Our life in a flat. From ‘A South London Odyssey’ by Alan Dedman

For two years now Paul and I  have been living side by side in rooms very close to each other at the flat which we have been lucky…

catalogue spin painting of chancellor george osborne by alan dedman

George Osborne – portrait by Alan Dedman

George Osborne features in the news a lot. Recent coverage has detracted from his political stature – what with Iain Duncan Smith’s resignation from the Cabinet. I have…

Oil painting portrait of Bangladeshi man by alan dedman

Portrait of Abdul painted in oils by Alan Dedman

This is a recently completed portrait of a man from Bangladesh, called Abdul painted by Alan Dedman. The painting is in oils over acrylic on board, A6 size…