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pic of north london studio dedman

Studio Dedman by Alan Dedman

Studio Dedman. It goes on, in spite of everything. Studio – dubious term really. Pertaining to small property for first time buyers and middle class pretensions about ‘creativity’….

art jam in milngavie alan dedman africa africans

African & White by Alan Dedman

African & White: a song by China Crisis from the 80s. Apt title for this current blog. Growing up in rural East Anglia (as I did) we had…

Kanaga-Dogon dancers relatives Mali rites masks

African Art in Glasgow by Alan Dedman

African Art in Glasgow is happening! At Hidden Lane Gallery there will be a show of contemporary African Art, opening on Friday the 10th of January, 2020 running…

colourful portrait painting of Mike by Alan Dedman National Portrait Award

National Portrait Award ? No thanks. by Alan Dedman

Like so many artists, I once aspired to win the National Portrait Award – the BP National Portrait Award. After several years of putting work in for the…

yoga for blokes at stanton drew solstice celebrations

Summer Solstice yoga by Alan Dedman

Summer Solstice yoga: on June the 21st 2019 members of Yoga for Blokes attended celebrations at Stanton Drew stone circles in Somerset. Unlike the previous year, it was…

pic of triumph 750 bonneville wanking machine

The Wanking Machine by Alan Dedman

Stephen Pippin was feted at the South London Art Gallery (SLAG) in a show curated by Carl Freedman. ‘Minky Manky’ was a carefully selected hotch-potch of work by…

solstice stag of the west suryana maskar alan dedman

Solstice Suryana Maskar by Alan Dedman

I took a posse of yoga enthusiasts to Stanton Drew stone circle this morning to greet the sunrise at the Summer Solstice on International Yoga Day. We practiced…

thank you photo somerset alan dedman

Thank you from Alan Dedman

Thank you – to everyone who helped me take a little show of Art from the Somerset shires up to London in 2017. Ambitious, not easy and particularly…

Viparita Karani Yoga for blokes alan dedman

Yoga for Blokes by Alan Dedman

Double jointed, lycra clad females and a veneer of middle class ‘spirituality’ can prevent men joining in with hatha yoga. At Yoga for Blokes™ nearly all first time…

photo of alan dedman at studio1.1 Leon Kusminsky

Alan Dedman at studio1.1 – review by Leon Kusminsky

An eccentric show by an unknown outsider, ‘Artworks by Alan Dedman at studio 1.1’ asserts a time worn theme – Art should consist of nothing much other than…