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Kanaga-Dogon dancers relatives Mali rites masks

African Art in Glasgow by Alan Dedman

African Art in Glasgow is happening! At Hidden Lane Gallery there will be a show of contemporary African Art, opening on Friday the 10th of January, 2020 running…

pic of Carlisle street where the Dolls House was soho

The Doll’s House by Alan Dedman

Whilst a student at St. Martin’s I had to earn money for living expenses. The first job I got was working at ‘The Doll’s House’, a strip-joint in…

painting of rifleman by alan dedman for death of lily the werewolf

Lily the Werewolf by Alan Dedman

Lily the Werewolf is the field name of an SS guerilla fighter, whose real moniker was Richard Jarozyk. He was executed in Kitzingen, Bavaria, by an American firing…

detail of shooting of lily the werewolf death of lily the werewolf alan dedman

Death of Lily the Werewolf by Alan Dedman

Death of Lily the Werewolf (the) is a poignant image, asserting the ‘judicious righteousness’ of allied forces in Italy, at a late stage during the Second World War….

penis painting by alan dedman

Spinning Penis paintings by Alan Dedman

One of the problems with the Fine Art World is – it takes itself far too seriously. Penis paintings offer light relief from the humdrum seriousness of the…

isolating varnish nachlass rude & nude alan dedman

Rude & Nude: ‘Nachlass’ by Alan Dedman

In exploring his spin painting gimmick, I believe I’ve taken things further than the ‘richest artist on earth’ (Damien Hirst). A colleague from St. Martins suggested I put…

colour pic of redchurch street alan dedman

Catalogue of works for sale by Alan Dedman

At studio1.1 Alan Dedman showed an eclectic mix of imagery, created over the recent years at his studio in Somerset. Linking traditional, figurative painting with ‘automated action painting’…

pic of alan dedman looking grumpy

Why my spin paintings are so much better than Damien Hirst’s by Alan Dedman

My spin paintings are so much better than Damien Hirst’s because: 1) Mr. Hirst gets paid too much for his, I get  slightly less – indicating (in the…

pic of spin painting featuring adele bloch bauer by alan dedman

Spin painting with Klimt, Dedman, Hirst and Bloch-Bauer

Damien Hirst’s art often relies on a gimmick or two; his spin painting for example –  a fad introduced by the children’s TV series ‘Blue Peter’, re-presented as…

catalogue Colour painting of a crouching nude by alan dedman

Crouching Nude by Alan Dedman

Olwyn Bowey advised me to ‘only paint and draw that which you like and are interested in – never paint to the market’. To work in any capacity…